Sonor AXP 1-1 Primary Alto Xylophone

Price: $566.00
ae00-12366^AXP 1-1

Primary Line - The future sounds green! Primary Line are the only FSC certified "green" Orff instruments. The bars, printed with note names and staff positions help the player connect the sound of the note with it's notation. A newly designed resonator box with enhanced acoustics are made of solid and laminated birch. The sound bars and resonator boxes are made of FSC certified wood from well managed forests. All wood surfaces are protected with Proterra an eco-friendly safe all natural varnish. The Sonor Primary Alto Xylophone has 16 bars ranged from C1-A2. The instrument comes with 1 pair of mallets (SCH 23). C-major scale including additional F#1, Bb1 and F#2 bars.

Model: AXP 1-1
Manufacturer: Sonor

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