Sonor GBX GB Global Beat Deep Bass Xylophone

Price: $965.00
SKU:  ae00-12374^GBX GB
Manufacturer Part #:  GBX GB

Global Beat hardwood xylophones are the most affordable made in Germany models. Hardwood sound bars are made from Sucupira, a South American hardwood, and are 35X18mm with standard and overtone tuning. Resonator boxes are made from birch plywood. Each xylophone is equipped with a carrying bag to stow 3 accidental bars. The Sonor Global Beat Deep Bass Xylophone has 16 bars ranged from C-A1. The instrument comes with 1 pair of mallets (SCH 25). C-major scale including additional F#, Bb and F#1 bars.

Model: GBX GB
Manufacturer: Sonor

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