Sonor AMP 3-1 Primary Alto Metallophone - Set of both the AMP 1-1 Alto Metallophone and AMP 2-1 Chromatic Extension

Price: $995.00
ae00-12394^AMP 3-1

Sonor Primary Alto Metallophone is a combination (set) of AMP 1-1 Alto Metallophone and AMP 2-1 Chromatic extension, C1-Bb2 AMP 1-1: Sonor Primary Alto Metallophone, 16 bars; C1-A2; 1 pair of mallets SCH 25; C-major scale w/F#1, Bb1 and F#2; silver special alloy metal bars 35 x 5 mm, w/staff imprint; fundamental tuning; resonator box from birch plywood, FSC™ 100%. AMP 2-1: Sonor Primary Alto Metallophone Chromatic Extension to AMP 1-1, 7 bars; C#1, D#1, G#1, C#2, D#2, G#2, Bb2; Silver special alloy metal bars, 35x5 mm; fundamental tuning; resonator box

Model: AMP 3-1
Manufacturer: Sonor

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