UGO 00129176 Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker - Red

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Manufacturer Part #:  00129176

All wireless mini speakers are not created equal. Connect UGO to your favorite device and enjoy the deep bass and clear tones of your favorite music. You won't believe that a package so small can create sound so big. UGO Bluetooth wireless mini speakers are the ultimate combination of versatility and portability. Works in 5 different modes. Use it wirelessly with Bluetooth. Plug directly into any audio device with a standard 3.5mm audio jack (cable included). Load your music onto a Micro SD card and insert into the speaker, plays just like an iPod except with great sound. Built in FM radio. Load stations with the push of a button. Use the included cable to link 2 or more UGO speakers together for more and bigger sound. With the new Aux out port you can easily daisy chain any number of speakers together. Speaker one creates the sound and delivers the same audio to all the others. --- Comes in blue, yellow, pink, red, silver, purple, and black ---

Model: 00129176
Manufacturer: UGO

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